Madame X and the World Beneath


Publication date: 15/10/2019

ISBN: 9781733171786

Madame X and the World Beneath

Books for Children

When a ball drops down a sewer grate, the lives of three kids are changed forever. 

Ten year old Susan Jones–otherwise known (only to herself) as famous detective Madame X–has never met a case she couldn’t crack… until the morning she wakes to find her celebrity marine biologist parents missing. With her best friend Johnny and his baby brother by her side, Susan sets out on an adventure that leads to an underground land beneath their city, where elf-like creatures called Thingamabobs are trying to build their own parallel world. As the trio works to save Susan’s parents and their city, Susan learns about the bonds of friendship, the power of family, how being extraordinary has nothing to do with fame …. and where socks really go when they get “lost in the dryer”.