What It’s Like When Your Birthday is the Day After Christmas

POSTED ON 26/12/2015

What It’s Like When Your Birthday is the Day After Christmas

This is a question I am often asked. What is it like to be born the day after J.C., the biggest birthday on the planet? So for once and for all, here are the answers. Please, as a gift to me, never ask again.

Why didn’t your parents name you Holly?

Because they were not innately cruel people. They just happened to have a “surprise” menopause baby when their other kids were already teens. But the truth is, I kind of like the name Holly. Miss Lynn Holly Johnson of Ice Castles was my childhood idol. Still is. And Holly is way easier to spell than Eileen.

Do you get gypped on presents?

Yes and no. My family has always overcompensated and never combined. My boyfriend once presented me with a pile of gifts. When I asked which were for Christmas and which were for my birthday he said they were all for both. Not cool. But I also gave him a fondue set that year so maybe I had it coming. And I did marry him. So I guess I wasn’t that mad.

Did anyone come to your party?

Party? What party? My party was a bunch of neighborhood kids randomly gathered for pizza and a cake. I don’t think it happened this way since it was Boston and there was snow on the ground,but in my memory my mother opened the kitchen door, screamed for whoever was around, and gathered everyone at our table. There were no princesses or art lessons. But then again I was a child of the 70s so I think everyone pretty much had this same birthday no matter what month it was.

Would it be better to just have your birthday be Christmas?

My daughter asked me this just last night. She’s born on St. Patrick’s Day, so she thinks she can relate. She can’t. Girls born on St. Patty’s Day are fun, outgoing and you want to be at their 21st birthday party. Girls born on the day after Christmas are trying to keep a party going when you have moved to clean-up mode.

My daughter thought perhaps having my birthday on Christmas would be better because then people wouldn’t be so tired. The girl has a point.

But ultimately it all works out fine. My kids have lucked out because I’ve overcompensated on themed parties and they always get treats for their birthday at school. (Yes, I am a bit bitter that I never got cupcakes on the right day as a child).

And, for the record, I did not name my daughter Patricia.