This is the place to learn about my latest books and news. As an author of both middle grade and adult (coming soon!) fiction and a working mom of three, I love to write and speak about both my books and my life. Contact me for school visits, writing workshops and interviews. I hope you enjoy this site, which will be updated regularly with my schedule and new content. In the meantime, enjoy my debut title, Madame X and the World Beneath.

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Dear Candy Corn: A Breakup Letter

POSTED ON 12/09/2016

Dear Candy Corn: A Breakup Letter Dear Candy Corn, I remember the good old days. I’d line you up in neat rows, like tiny soldiers waiting to be beheaded. I’d circle you around delicious pumpkins. You would snuggle in my bathrobe pocket, hidden from those greedy children of mine. You’d tinkle against…

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